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Mike Goetz & Keith Nichols
We wonder what the poor people are doing

Everybody loves my baby - Cash for your trash - The joint is jumpin´ - Honey hush - The curse of an achin´ heart - Dixie Cinderella - When somebody thinks you´re wonderful - Don´t let it bother you - I´m more than satisfied - I´ve got a feelin´ I´m fallin´ - I´m sorry I made you cry - Black and blue - Truckin´ - Keep a song in your soul - Lookin´ good but feelin´ bad

Mike Goetz p, Keith Nichols p, voc
Weitere Angaben:
Total playing time: 57:30
Aufnahmejahr: 2000
Preis: 25.-- CHF
Artikelnummer: DR 9221

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